[Astounding Science-Fiction]

     December 23, 1949

     Dear Bob:

     ...I have been busy––mostly the Dianetics stuff. Incidentally, Hubbard’s full-scale article, a 16,000 word job, is appearing in the May ASF,3 and if it doesn’t cause something more than a minor explosion I miss my guess considerably. The thing is a direct, complete statement of the development of the idea, showing what led him to it, and stating his results. Simultaneously, the Hermitage House book publishers are bringing out his book giving details of the techniques used. And the editorial in the magazine, that issue, is along the following lines:

     All who disagree are invited to submit articles and letters. The best of such articles and letters will be published.

     BUT––the letters and articles in argument must follow the rules of the Scientific Method.

     Now that last is a cruel, cruel thing to do to psychiatrists, etc. The scientific method is firmly rooted on two great points: appeal to authority is not evidence and is of no value whatever. No theory, however well-liked and widely accepted, can stand in the face of one single demonstrable fact.