November 14, 1949
     Bay Head, New Jersey

     Dear Russell,

     Thank you so much for the skunk cabbage.4 It was just what I wanted. Nothing could have been sweeter. However, your letter left much to be desired. If you had nothing better to say you shouldn’t have said anything at all.

     I am dug down here in a very nice windbreak.... I have eight bedrooms here to wander around and contemplate. If you get tired of the wilds of Kansas you are hereby invited to come down and view the wilds of New Jersey.

     The ocean is just outside the front door but it knows its place and never makes a real nuisance of itself. And if it does, why, we just go to a movie until the house has settled back down on its foundation again.

Russell Hays outside his San Diego home      Right now there are a couple of writers staying here. They weren’t invited guests like yourself. They just stopped by for dinner one night around the first of October. They are wonderful plot material though.

     I’m still doing this research on the mind. The results are going to be published soon and then I’ll have time to do a little something on the line of stories. I am working on a movie shooting script but that’s about all at the present time....

     I wish you’d let go and write me one of your famous letters. I think you must be about three behind me by now. Get at least one out before the drifts lock you in for the winter. I’d like to hear what you are calling work these days. I always get a laugh out of that.

     Thanks again for the spice.