[Picture]      Bay Head, New Jersey

     2 April 1950

     Dear Russkell;

     I been meaning to indict you an eepistle here for some time but I had that book on Dianetics to get out and it went about 180,000 words and then I just got rid of a 50,000 word novel and between times these wild-eyed enthusiasts keep comin’ round and makin’ my weekends miserable and I’d give one heell of a lot, my good friend, even for a snoose of snuff and some vile Kansas beer. Lately they had a book called No Place To Hide. Well, that’s me, brother, and it’s gettin’ worse quick. Pathfinder1 carries the first release on April 6. AP2 releasing their story shortly. TIME and NY TIMES both carrying a long story on Dianetics. Then Astounding Science-Fiction. Ads in Publishers Weekly, been in Winchell,3 requests from Satevepost, 4 Scientific American for review copies and about a skillion other magazines....

     Things been happening. For instance a guy called up and said his wife was dying in a NY hospital. A doctor went up in a hurry, found out they’d given her up in both psychiatry and medicine and the priests were spreading their palms for the last rites. He brought her out of a chronic colitis, which was what was killing her, in exactly four hours of therapy. She had left the hospital and a week after treatment has gained twelve pounds, keeps gaining at 1/2 lb. per day, is walking and talking and working and feeling wonderful. This impressed hell out of the press. Couple other random cases, just as spectacular. About thirty regular therapies going on at present, none of them I’ve met, all of whom are advancing swiftly. Washington School of Psychiatry will probably adopt it as a standard therapy, etc....

     Hoping this will apprise you of developments and hoping you are the same.

      Best regards,