May 10, 1950

     Dear Mr. Hubbard;

     Please do not treat this letter lightly. To you it may sound a bit juvenile and you will probably receive many letters pro and con. But to me your article in Astounding was the most important thing I have ever read. “Dianetics” is so new and startling that the mind has difficulty digesting all of it.

     Although I am far from being young, having reached the age of forty, I am and have been pondering the very same subject for the past twenty years. But until I read “Dianetics” it was simply a blind groping in total darkness. I agree with your theory in toto. Not having the background nor the scientific approach to tackle the problem I have been forced to confine myself to mere conjecture.

     Although I have talked to many people who teach or preach science of mind, I have always run up against the wall of religion before I did even grasp the truth. I guess the number seven key5 is holding up the works. I am employed by the above firm and have been with them for the past eight years.

     At the age of thirty-two I accepted a job as a delivery boy, in order to be able to get into the sacred portals of this make-believe world. Since then I have advanced to the important and highly paid position of construction clerk (my salary is seventy dollars per week). The goal I had hoped to reach long before this is as much out of sight now as it has ever been. Somehow I have never been able to carry out a single purpose to its conclusion.

     Up until eight years ago I was a wanderer and ne’er-do-well. I have got into plenty of trouble during the past forty years, most of which has been of my own doing. Eight years ago I decided that I had better stop and take stock before I drowned in the sea of my own ignorance. So I got married and took the first steady job I have been able to hold on to for the first time in my life. My married life is not too good and I have not done too well in my work. Again the number seven key.

     I have spent money I could ill afford on professional mind probing. I have many fears and complexes. I am always undecided about things. I make friends very rapidly and lose them the same way. I would have given up long ago were it not for one factor. I felt and still do that some day there would come a solution to all my problems, imaginary and real. When I read your article I knew that this was it.