[Picture]      A lot of the terms are a bit dense to me. And although I am going to purchase your book during my lunch hour today, I doubt that I will be able to apply much of it to myself. My education is nil (formal that is) and the only thing that saves me from being totally ignorant is the fact that I have been reading since the age of seven and traveling since the age of fourteen. I started with the complete works of Jules Verne and have kept up with science fiction ever since. Not only have I been reading the stuff because to me it is damn good literature but also because I knew that some day I would find something that would help me in my own life....

     I am not suffering from delusions of grandeur nor do I claim to be the most ignorant individual in the city of Los Angeles.... And every once in a while I get a bright glimmer of what life could be if man could only rid himself of his inhibitions or norms.

     By this time you have begun to wonder what the hell this letter is all about. Well it is simply this. You have mentioned that out of two hundred patients treated you have had two hundred complete cures. Now when I say that I too want to be cured, you are going to say, “So what” who the hell does this guy Dessler think he is, insisting that he wants to be cured.

     Well I know that it is possible. Yoga has done nothing for me, neither has any of the science of mind stuff that is being peddled all over the country, particularly in Los Angeles. Your approach is the first one I have read that struck a responsive chord.

     Please tell me what I can do to help myself first in order to be able to help others later. I am not interested in any possible fortune I may be able to make. I just want to find peace for once in my life. I want to be able to live with my fellow men without hate or scorn. I want to be able to repay my wife for all the effort she has made in my behalf. I want to be able to help others who are in the same hole I find myself in.

     Please help me to rid myself of my personal demons and key number seven. How do I go about it and what do I do? I doubt if I can effect a self cure just by reading your book. I doubt that I shall be able to even understand it fully. But I do know that if two hundred patients were cured, I can be too. I am willing to do anything to achieve this. Even to quitting my unimportant little job. Because I know that once a cure is effected there shall be no problem of unemployment any longer.

     You can’t refuse me the chance to live, when I have often considered suicide as the only solution. I know that I shall hear from you. And until then I await your reply, if not with prayer, at least with hope.*


     Frank B. Dessler
     404 N. Curson Ave.
     Los Angeles 36, California