Mrs. Evan Bruce Byall
Quandary Hill
Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

     Dear Mr. Hubbard:

     Perhaps because my experience with you on Sunday made so profound an impression – perhaps because of what yesterday and today brought forth – tonight finds me in need of moral support.

     My personal reaction to Sunday continues in almost the same “turned on” intensity in that I have been as disturbed ever since, as I was at the time, except that I have maintained a controlled exterior. I am certain you must have known that you reactivated much more than the events we covered all of which has left me in a state just slightly less than radioactive.

     Yesterday was a witch of a day anyway and tackled with four hours sleep so I finally cancelled all but one of my psychotherapy appointments, deliberately choosing the patient I thought the best for a first run. And I really hit the jackpot. There was one terrific hitch in that much of the content further reactivated me and I certainly was charmed that my patient couldn’t see the tears her auditor was shedding part of the time! Today I ran this same patient through again and I can see I’m really in for it: she’s solid engrams!1 I also did a trial (the typographical errors are your fault!) run on my assistant who was one of my patient proteges. I knew she’d be a tough gal to tackle; a little over two years ago she terminated a seven-year psycho-neurosis-depression by nearly going overboard and a halfhearted suicide attempt. Needless to say she has been through plenty – plenty of hell and plenty of therapy. But could be you’d have been a little proud of me; I got through!

     We are all so genuinely excited, Mr. Hubbard, and so eager to work with this approach on so many people who need it so desperately!

     If it is still extant, and Dear God I hope it is! I want to accept your invitation to see you in New York. I am not just certain when you said you would be there. I’m afraid I wish it could be right away or else that we had brought you home with us! My psyche always gives me hell anyway and now between what you activated on Sunday and the terrific ride I am aware I have been taking recently in my much- increased patient load in psychotherapy – well, I’m having something of a rugged time.

     I enclose, because you may be interested, my article from the May journal. Of course it has been edited and is but a vestigial remain of the original.

     I wait to hear you say I am still invited.

      Most sincerely,

      Elizabeth Byall
      Tuesday, June twenty-seventh