July 3, 1950

     Mrs. Elizabeth Byall

     Quandary Hill

     Gladwyne, Pennsylvania

     Dear Mrs. Byall:

     I enjoyed reading your article very much, but even more, your letter. Thank you very much for sending them to me.

     We will have two offices – one at 275 Morris Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey, where Administration will be done, and one at 55 East 82nd Street, New York City, where training and therapy will be done. We will not be in New York for another ten or twelve days. Until that time, I can be reached here in Elizabeth. Information will have our ’phone number.

     It may be of interest to you to know that the chief of research of the Block Chemical Company has been undergoing Dianetics therapy. His spine was terribly deformed by a polio attack when he was a small child, and after a few weeks of therapy he has grown one inch and from all indications should experience a gratifying recovery. It is his opinion on research that polio is to a marked degree psychosomatic.

     I hope to see you again and be assured that within the limits imposed upon me, my time is at your disposal.

My very best regards,