July 29, 1950

     Mr. John Daves Roberts

     Box 84

     Choccolocco, Alabama

     My dear Mr. Roberts:

[Picture]      There is a small amount of misinformation in your letter. Although it has been popularly believed that in insanity and nervous disorders, there was nerve scar or deterioration, no evidence to date has confirmed it, and those people who were apparently suffering from nervous scarring have recovered beautifully.

     There is very little data available on epilepsy at this time, however, several cases have been run and no recurrence of attacks or deterioration of the case has been evidenced. If it is true that you were hit on the head before the attacks started; that blow was probably a key-in to prenatal incidents. If you can remember the incident yourself, of being hit on the head, it will probably key out the attacks, if that was the beginning of your trouble.

     We have no one at this time in Alabama who might be considered an expert auditor, but I am sure an intelligent friend, after a very thorough study of the manual and adhering strictly to its rules and particularly to the Auditor’s Code,3 should be able to make progress in your case. If you have a doctor available who is willing to use Dianetics and who has time to study it, then certainly use him.

     I am not advocating that you begin Dianetics processing nor am I prescribing for your epilepsy. If that is what the condition is, I am only giving you a general opinion as to the abilities of Dianetics.

     Please let us hear from you again.

     Sincerely yours,

     L. Ron Hubbard

     L. Ron Hubbard