August 15, 1950

     Norman W. James

     1736 1/2 Richmond Rd.

     Houston 6, Texas

     Dear Mr. Hubbard:

     After 184 hours work with Dianetics, I can only say that I have become more and more convinced of its basic value every hour I have worked with it.

     I have seen it work on two of my close friends, one an engineer and the other a musician and writer. They were both quite sane to begin with, but now they have a mental stability and happiness far greater than the average person. The energy and optimism that they now have is above and beyond anything I ever witnessed before Dianetics.

     Another recommendation for Dianetics is that the more intelligent people accept it more quickly than others. When I tell them that I have personally seen most of the statements made in the book, Dianetics, proven in my own living room. And that anyone who is willing to read the book carefully can, in the same manner, prove it for himself. They usually get the book and read it.

     When Dianetics is accepted (as it inevitably will be accepted) it will by itself bring on a golden age. A world of happiness, peace and prosperity!

     Sincerely yours,

     Norman W. James