San Diego 1, California

     November 27, 1950.

     Mr. L. Ron Hubbard

     Box 502,

     Elizabeth, N.J.

     Dear Ron:

     This salutation seems on the presumptuous side when it has been twelve years since I saw you last.

     You may remember something of my background, though our contacts were few and too brief. For nearly eight years I made my living as a psychologist, stumbled onto a means of temporarily overcoming some of the worst effects of aberrations and such, and lectured some in India in 1935-6. For seven years I operated the San Francisco Fiction School and broadcast “The Fiction Forum.”

     Your discoveries are a revelation, a down-to-earth revelation, to one who knows something of the mind and mental processes. You have possibly opened the way to a racial cosmic consciousness. At the least, yours is the greatest single contribution to the welfare and advancement of the human man. (How’s that for authority?)

     I have read your book. My wife and I are beginning therapy. What can we do to further the cause? What do you consider most important at this stage?

     My view, though narrow at this time, is that a Nation-wide introduction to Dianetics is the first step. This is being done through the wide sale of your book, but inasmuch as all people won’t read it and some won’t understand it a lecture program is indicated.

     Also I have been day-dreaming of the effect of “clearing” a chosen city. This would be an example and unassailable proof of Dianetics.

     May we not hear from you?


Wilford J. Rasmussen