2600 S. Hoover Street
      Los Angeles 7, Calif.
December 27, 1950    

Photograph      Dear Mr. Falcone:

     Thank you very much for your note of December 8 about the Guild Theatre talk.

     The highest goal of Dianetics is the auditing of groups in an effort to better human relations not only in corporations and companies but in nations. The compilation of basic axioms for this purpose has been in progress for a long while and is just now culminating, and workable techniques and pilot projects are now being run.

     It may additionally interest you that I have a report here that the Committee on Evidence of the New York Bar Association is tremendously interested in Dianetics since in Judiciary Dianetics certain tenets are advanced which, according to their statement, antiquate many current rules of evidence. They are reported to be undertaking a considerable study of this subject.

     Thank you again for your interest. With my very best regards,

Yours sincerely,