[Picture]      I am omitting much detail because I know you are too busy to be bothered. I am only a preclear. My wife and I are auditing each other. I am very impatient with her even though I am thoroughly aware of the fact that she is doing the very best she can. She was violently against Dianetics in the beginning because she considered it as a reflection on her intelligence to assume that she needed mental therapy and further cited the fact that I never believed anything under the sun that couldn’t be proven as proof of the fact that I was abnormal and obviously the one in the greatest need of therapy. I cannot argue against facts and she had facts. However, now, she is just as enthusiastic about DIANETICS as I am. She censures herself for her slowness in progressive understanding of DIANETICS. (Thank goodness she isn’t aware of the fact that she should be censuring her auditor – but I am terrifically busy and her file clerk knows his business and I do wish he would soon bring up the engram that makes her think that any scientific treatise is automatically difficult to understand), however I do hope when we go to Los Angeles in August for vacation I will be able to aid her – with more available time – to understand the entire handbook on DIANETICS. With a little help, she will make an excellent auditor.

     We have four other members on the hospital staff that we will make auditors out of as soon as we return from the West Coast. It is my intention to have no employee in this hospital who isn’t at least a release. Our key personnel must be Clears. That has become axiomatic with me because it is unquestionably obvious as to the benefits to us and the public and the understandings of the mechanisms involved in operating room conversation. We have been guilty of too much talking in the operating room. Our visiting staff physicians will apparently be the hardest nuts to crack about conversation around anesthetized patients and semi and comatose patients. THERE IS NO END TO THE CHANGES DIANETICS IS BRINGING ABOUT IN OUR HOSPITAL. Much calculates in the needs of understanding and conduct of hospital employees and staff as well as physical arrangements and isolation techniques necessary for post anesthetic cases and other unaware individuals....

     Trust you will forgive me for this long dissertation. I do wish to be associated, as an associate member – (preferably a full – fledged member but I cannot spare the time) – of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.1


     Yours truly,

     J. S. Douglas, M.D.