September 9, 1950

     The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation
     P. O. Box 502
     Elizabeth, N. J.


      ...In March of 1940, I awakened one morning to find that the entire visual field of my left eye was clouded and I could not distinguish shapes or forms with it but only saw dark blurs, as through a thick fog. My doctor had me admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute uveitis, and after a month, during which both eyes were kept continuously dilated, and a tonsillectomy was performed (in an effort to remove a “focus of infection”) I was released and able to return to my work, but compelled to use strong glasses. While my left eye was never again completely clouded, on the average of once or twice a month I would spend a few days of extreme discomfort with spots, halo effects, and painful internal ocular pressure. This usually occurred anytime I had been doing work that placed a strain on my eyes, or had contracted a cold, or otherwise had lowered resistance.

      I was first audited in June of this year by Lyman Budlong, 120 S. Fremont Avenue, Tampa, Florida, and in my first session reduced a prenatal engram containing a severe somatic in the left eye. It however proved to be but one engram of a very long chain – for each session after that, we contacted a similar engram with an eye somatic. After about 15 hours of processing, some peculiar things began happening. I had continued wearing my glasses, but students, teachers and other workers in this College began noticing that when I had a letter or memorandum to read, or found it necessary to look at something closely, I unconsciously reached up, not to adjust my glasses, but to lift them entirely away from and above my eyes, in order to see more clearly! This continued for two or three days, I am told, until finally someone couldn’t resist the temptation to call my attention to it, and then a little experimenting made me aware of the fact that I could see much better without my glasses than I could with them. Frankly, this surprised me! My interest in Dianetics had not been associated with this visual impairment (I had not given any thought to the possibility) but solely because of a desire to gain a better understanding of the human mind. At the suggestion of several members of the Tampa Bay Dianetic Research Institute, and to satisfy my own curiosity, I visited Dr. L. L. Fernandez, an optometrist of this city, and requested that he make complete tests of my vision. He did so and reported to me that my vision was perfect and that only very faintly perceptible scars were left of the old uvea infection (he said that if he had not known they were supposed to be there, he would not have seen them).