In addition to this benefit, there was another which I personally consider more significant. For the last three years my general physical tone had been so poor that I remained under the constant treatment of Dr. G. E. Day, 508 South Willow Avenue, of this city, for anemia and low blood pressure. During this entire time, my blood pressure had hovered between 80 and 85 over 40 to 50; I suffered from general neurasthenia, and probably was on the verge of entering the rapidly descending spiral. My pulse was usually somewhere around 98 to 100. But, by August of this year all this had changed. My blood pressure came up to 108 during the first week of August and was up to 120 by the end of the month (almost optimum for my age and type, I was told). My pulse had dropped to normal. For three years I had taken bottles of folic acid, vitamin pills, adhered strictly to “build-up” diets, received liver extract injections, etc., but with no apparent results. To Dianetics techniques do I give full credit for this release. Incidentally, the engramic content that seemed responsible for much of this, were statements like “I’m numb all over,” “My whole body seems dead,” uttered by my mother during an illness prior to my birth.

      My doctor was so impressed by this rise up the Tone Scale 2 that he obtained a copy of the handbook and began using Dianetics in his practice....

      It is our hope that we did not act prematurely or in conflict with the programs being planned by the Foundation when we organized the Tampa Bay Dianetic Research Institute, including members from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and other surrounding towns, and began functioning as an information and coordinating center. Associate Membership in this Institute is open to all interested in Dianetics. Full membership is limited to those who have obtained releases, and who desire to do auditing and take part in the research program of the Institute....

      A branch of the Tampa Bay Dianetic Research Institute has been established at the University of Florida, in Gainesville, and correspondence may be addressed to their acting secretary, Mr. Frank Smith, Box 2611, University Station, Gainesville, Florida. In your previous letter, mention was made of an active group in Miami. We would appreciate being supplied with their address in order that we may refer to them interested individuals from that city and vicinity who contact the Tampa group. One of our members has recently opened offices for the practice of medicine in that city and is very desirous of affiliating with the Miami group.

      Very sincerely,

      Morgan J. Morey, Dean