Dear Readers:

[Picture]      I would like to express my deep appreciation for the magnificent response given to the article: “Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science.”

     Over two thousand letters arrived in the offices of this magazine and Hermitage House in New York, the publishers of the handbook. As the letters are still arriving, as this is written, at the rate of more than two hundred per day, I cannot say with accuracy what the total response will be. Less than fifteen of these letters were adversely critical and only three were thoroughly “agin” Dianetics; in that one of the three was from a young gentleman who was on the verge of receiving his master’s degree in psychology, the bitterness of the letter is easy to understand and one is rather moved to feel sympathy with the writer. A score of two thousand in favor to three against rather tends to swallow up the opposition and to carry out a principle I have often noted, that the wild protests against Dianetics forecast by some of its supporters fails to materialize as soon as an accurate knowledge of it is communicated.

     The publication of the article seems to have saved several lives. And it has gained very considerable report for the new science. Over fifty medical doctors and psychiatrists wrote letters couched in terms of high approval. Not one single individual whose profession was intimately connected with mental work and who was experienced with it found fault with Dianetics; indeed, it seems that those who best understand through professional work the problems of the mind are those who most readily grasp and accept Dianetics. The roll call of professionals intensely interested in Dianetics now contains some of the most prominent authorities on the mind in the United States.

     The enthusiasm of response has been most gratifying. Dianetics seems to have taken off like several V-2 3 rockets in a bundle but, we hope, with a more constructive purpose.

     It would be quite beyond me as a matter of sheer labor to answer the many queries on specific points which were contained in some of the letters. No point advanced in any of these letters is not covered in the handbook. The article was, of necessity, brief and sketchy in spots. In the 180,000 words of the handbook adequate coverage is given to all points. Of course some of the letters were answered because they had an emergency status. Example: I am contemplating suicide, can Dianetics help me? Example: I have for some time considered the commission of a murder, what can Dianetics do for me that will make it unnecessary? Example: My baby is about to be born, what can I do to make the birth easier? Dianetics can help in each case, certainly.

     One reader commented that while the article changed things for him radically, buses still ran and TIME had not mentioned it. Actually TIME will shortly devote space to Dianetics as has Pathfinder. This magazine, Astounding Science-Fiction, got what the newspapermen call a “beat.” Few national publications, in the next few months, will not carry stories on Dianetics, space having been arranged for by them in the past two months. No national publicity beyond a science item in Pathfinder and the article in Astounding has been released as of this writing.

     Several readers seemed to be interested in how Dianetics stood in relationship to God and the Infinite Mind. Some assumed that it proved Man’s spirituality, some assumed that it disproved it. Dianetics is in the same position as physics in relation to God and the Infinite Mind. While it may make a clear view of this problem possible, it does not in any way pretend to either deny a man a soul or to endow him with one. Whatever my personal opinions are on this matter have no place in Dianetics for Dianetics does not depend upon opinion, neither mine nor the opinion of some authority on religion or mysticism. Dianetics is constructed to be used and to be used by anyone in any frame of reference. It should not become a bone of contention as to what it proves or disproves in fields which it is not trying to enter.