Dallas, Texas

      June 19, 1950

     Dear Mr. Hubbard:

     At the end of May I mailed a copy of your new book Dianetics to Dr. Kisaburo Kawabe, the Sociology Professor of Komayawa University, and suggested that he contact you about the possibility of translating your work into Japanese, since I was very deeply impressed with it myself. My friend Mr. Alvin Jett reviewed the book for the Dallas Morning News and caused me to buy a copy in the first place; he was also good enough to try out Dianetics on me and, while he has now gone north for vacation after a few brief sessions, we were both dumbfounded by the accuracy of your theories in practice as proved in the few hours we were able to devote to it....

     I speak and write Japanese and would be very glad to help Dr. Kawabe of Komayawa with his translation of Dianetics , if you should decide to give him the translation rights. I think he is a wise and good man in all probability....

     I imagine the appearance of your book must have brought you hundreds of letters like this one. Even the briefest note on a practicing Dianeticist in Dallas and on your opinion of Kawabe as translator would be deeply appreciated.

      Yours respectfully,

      Sam Houston Brock, Jr.