June 23, 1950

L. Ron Hubbard      Mr. Sam Houston Brock, Jr.

     4527 Westway Place

     Dallas, Texas

     My dear Mr. Brock:

     I saw the publisher of Dianetics this afternoon, Mr. Art Ceppos, who had to hand a letter from Dr. Kisaburo Kawabe relative to the translation of Dianetics into Japanese. It was the opinion of Mr. Ceppos that an equitable arrangement could be made on the book with a full understanding of the price and publication difficulties existing in Japan.

     About two years ago I did some speculation about the possible effect of Dianetics upon Japan and surmised that if Dianetics were to be imported and sturdily promulgated there the effects of her defeat could rather easily be overcome and she could be rehabilitated through Dianetics by her own efforts into a first class power once more, possessed perhaps of better skill and direction which would permit her to avoid some of the pitfalls into which her recent course led her. Out of duty to my country, but through no dislike of the Japanese whom I have all my life greatly admired and respected, I was forced to share a part in the events leading to her recent defeat. Not because my own war efforts were destructive to her, but because they are upon my conscience I am glad if my work, which after all belongs to all men, can aid her spirit and prosperity.