These things I write to you because I know that you will soon be in Japan. Should you wish to communicate my sentiments with regard to that nation in any way you are perfectly free to do so. As an American you could not misconstrue my sentiments with regard to Asia. I consider China to be in a state of hopeless confusion and political delusion, differing not greatly from the yesterdays when I knew her gripped by senseless internal convulsions, oppressed by disease, starvation and lack of engineering. The loss of Japanese influence in the Orient is already responsible for much of the Asian confusion, just as the precipitation of Japan’s warlords made it possible for Russia to despoil the nation we had defeated. I am taking no political stand beyond the blunt statement that I believe in freedom for mankind in its most thoroughly extended sense and believe further that this freedom is unattainable so long as man staggers under the crushing burden of social aberrations. A defeated Japan and a crazed China are poor risks to the health of mankind at large.

     Your own efforts in helping Doctor Kawabe are not only desirable, but would probably be vitally necessary since such a translation would require a colloquial knowledge of English on the one hand and a knowledge of colloquial Japanese on the other. Further, you express here a good fundamental understanding of Dianetic techniques without which no translator could accomplish a useful translation. I shall make it my business to forward to you or to Doctor Kawabe, Foundation bulletins as soon as they are published. These contain much information and techniques more fully developed than those expressed in the present handbook. By including them in the Japanese translation these bulletins would make the Japanese edition much more up to date than the currently existing handbook. Dianetics travels very swiftly in its advance and few days pass without something new being added to its repertoire.

     Should you aid in the Japanese promulgation of Dianetics you may find yourself swept up in its impetus there. Avalanches of letters tell us that it is running like wildfire through the United States. Should you become interested in the Dianetic aspect in Japan upon the assurance of your abilities there, it may be possible for us to create a Japanese department of the Foundation in Japan. Such a step might easily be financed by the book royalties accruing from its publication there, and would give Dianetics and the world the benefit of the intelligent and careful work for which Japanese scientists are famous.

     I have answered you at length about your Japanese venture and voyage but I can give you very little in the way of advice as to auditors in Dallas. We are making auditors as swiftly as we can but it will be a long time before very many professionals are available. I have, however, in the files one name from Dallas. I do not know anything about this gentleman beyond the fact that he sent us a letter. However, it may help you to give you his name, which is John W. Sarber, P. O. Box 7062, Dallas, Texas.

     Hoping to hear from you again and with very best wishes for a pleasant voyage.

Best regards,

L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard