Hotel Park East

1065 East Jersey St.

Elizabeth 4, N.J.


Dear Charlie:

      You said you wanted any printed new dope as fast as it came out – on Dianetics I mean. Well there just hasn’t been any – that is – in print. That stuff Brad Shank got over the phone and mimeographed in LA is not exactly correct. I’ve never seen a copy of it, but hear by grapevine that Hubbard disapproved of it. The reason nothing has come out in print for general distribution yet (even to us in the professional course) is they’ve been too busy with the tremendous volume of mail, and phone calls from all over the country, training auditors and finding a place to operate in ...

     When the book was published Ron never dreamed of this kind of response. He never intended (originally) an auditors’ course and Foundation as now exists. But the response forced him to get together with John Campbell, Dr. Winter, Don Rogers, Parker Morgan and Art Ceppos, and form a Foundation. I’ve met them all – all nice guys. However haven’t been able to get next – or very close – to John Campbell. He seems cold and uncordial. I think he’s going through a restimulation almost constantly.

     Anyway they were going to buy a large estate to house the Foundation but some psychiatric sanitarium nearby objected and got neighbors to put pressure on etc. so no deal. In the meantime mail and phone calls coming in but fast.

     So the whole thing moved into Ron’s house – a large one in a very nice residential district. But it became too small and also neighbors complained – cars in streets etc. so he was evicted and just this week we all moved to the whole 4th floor of the Miller Building, 275 Morris Avenue, Elizabeth. In addition Ron is busy with all sorts of misc biz such as acquiring a house in New York for NY branch. The professional course may move there July 15.

     Anyway they have not put out anything other than the form letter enclosed.