However, there’s oodles of new stuff Ron gives out in lectures. I have recordings of most of it. A few new wrinkles I think of now, that I know are not in book:

     1) No need to count people into reverie anymore – just have them close their eyes.

     2) Basic-basic1 is now considered to be the sperm sequence.

     3) Self-control mechanism in the form of demon circuit is most difficult of cases. That’s you, Van and me.

     By the way I find I don’t have Van’s address here so will you please share this entire letter with Van – and give him and Marie my best.

     There are hundreds more new things – some big some little – I can’t remember them offhand but would be glad to answer (or get the answer) for any question you or Van may have on any phase of the subject.

     In exchange for this I’d appreciate it extremely if you would please give me something of a report on what is happening in LA on the following fronts: Dianetics, Roundtable, Coord. Council (did you get the check?) and general gossip. But most important of all what’s doing with Watkins and the course in Dianetics Auditing I’m planning to give....

     Incidentally, before I forget it I want to here and now offer both you (and Van too if he wants) a free course if you care to attend. Keep this under your hats though. I’m quite sure Hubbard will not offer a course when he comes to LA. Also feel I’ve sold him on talking to the Roundtable – will know more definitely later....

     As to the course here we start Monday (July 10) with a 2 1/2 hr lecture at 8AM every day (instead of at noon as previously). Then following that we audit each other, watch others audit and are watched in our auditing by more experienced auditors.

     My therapy is a little hard getting started. I’ve had 19 1/2 hrs so far and no basic-basic though plenty of boil-off in basic area....

     It seems a Clear wants to keep it a secret till there are more like him so he won’t be such a curiosity piece and be tested to death, etc.

     Later 7/11 ...

     Here is the first thing off the press – it is just out today and was done by one of the students here. I’m getting some pretty good recordings. At least I hope they’re all good. Haven’t had the time to listen to all of them back. Well Chas, let me hear from you. Regards to Marie.