November 27, 1950

     FROM: L. Ron Hubbard
     SUBJECT: Expansion

      1. It is one of the goals of Dianetics to become a public service organization, working with minimal cost to anyone. As soon as government and individual subsidy and book sales permit this, we will find the Foundations expanding even more rapidly. Patterns of operation are being created, tested, and proven constantly. A stability of organization is desirable, but our stability for years to come will come only along the lines of stable expansion. It is on this basis that our organization should be laid: that only erratic changes can cause confusion and that planned expansion means smooth operation and stability.

      2. The most valuable possession of Dianetics is its personnel; their skills, initiative, backgrounds, and personal courage. We have to use our best personnel where they are and cannot promote them until they have replacement. The promotion of personnel is inherent in orderly expansion. To resolve this problem, it is requested that everyone in Dianetics find, within or without the organization, a replacement for himself, and train that replacement into the details of his own job against a time – all too near – when promotion vacates the post. It is true that some promotion will not be possible for lack of replacement. None of us like disorder. Smooth operation comes from foresight. Train the best person you can find to hold the job you are holding. Don’t get pinned down by either choosing and training an unable person, or by finding and training none.

      Administration will act, within thirty days from this date, on the assumption that anyone to be promoted or shifted has left in his place a person fully qualified and trained to do that job. Chaos itself will reign if action is taken on an assumption for which there is no ground.