12 December 1950

Photograph      In the beginning it was a necessary part of Foundation operations to finance itself so that it could carry forward Dianetics as an organization rather than as an individual.

     Dianetics is a fully American development. As a part of that tradition, it has retained its independence of character and has had a self-supporting nature. The first difficulties had to do with the procurement and training of personnel. This initial obstacle has been overcome and there now exists sufficient personnel to form nucleus training and treatment units in important places....

     Few people realize the magnitude of Dianetics or the demand which is placed upon the Foundation for service in terms of letters, free speakers, advices for charity cases. The Foundation has tried to answer these needs as it could.

     We need many things because America needs many things. The reason why Dianetics has been so successful is because it answers a need which has not been filled in America – the successful treatment of any and all aberrations and psycho-somatic illness. Until such time as more states and the federal government see fit to subsidize the Foundation properly, until such time as endowments from such organizations as the Ford Foundation are made available to the Dianetics Foundation, contributions from private citizens and the financial structure of the Foundation itself must carry the brunt ... This is no small responsibility.

     The casual observer may have thought to find in the early days of the Foundation a certain commercialism. An investigation of the books of the Foundation will demonstrate that funds received by the Foundation have been expended to the best of the Foundation’s ability. That ability, for lack of administration and solid organization in the beginning, was not large. We have made our funds go as far as we could make them go....

     We have the specific goals of emptying sanitariums and prisons and raising the general tone of the nation by the end of 1951. Without Dianetics, to dream of such a thing would have been foolhardy. With Dianetics, it is not only possible, it is already under accomplishment. In the Foundations, the staffs work from 12 to 18 hours a day to make these dreams come true. We are giving all the help we can. We need all the help we can get.

L. Ron Hubbard

      L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard