December 30, 1950


                In order to have to hand a test guinea pig while outlining a standard procedure on a new technique which will appear in my forthcoming book and in order to have a courier, a volunteer is requested to be with me while the book is in progress.

                 The volunteer’s case should be of low reality level, should have had recent psychometry and little or no processing since, should be skilled in processing (in case somebody at the resort demands I process them) and should be able to run past lives and should be able to drive.

                 Board and room will be paid for the period the volunteer is needed, probably two to six weeks.

                 The volunteer is specifically informed that he is volunteering for research level study and that his case may come to harm since the study involves, in part, the restimulation but not reduction of engrams.

                 Anyone interested, who answers these specifications and does not mind being a martyr to science, inform Marian Adwin in the business office, my secretary, by 9 Tuesday morning.


      L. Ron Hubbard