The Case For It by L. Ron Hubbard originator of Dianetics theory       The publication of Dianetics - a handbook of Dianetics therapy culminates a score of years of research and intensive application. Tested on a series of 270 unselected cases, the new science produced 270 rehabilitated people, people who had been suffering, in the field of psychosomatic medicine, from arthritis, asthma, coronary difficulty, allergy, sinusitis, migraine headaches and many others, and on the mental side, from psychoses, neuroses, compulsions and repressions.

     On the surface, the advent of Dianetics upon the stage of man’s knowledge may seem sudden and startlingly abrupt. A deeper inquiry demonstrates that many, many years of patient and careful work and testing were devoted to the subject prior to that release and that the science itself is made possible only by the thoughts and discoveries of thinking men. From the earliest Vedic priest, through the speculations of the early Greeks, up through the philosophies of Lucretius, Bacon, Jefferson and Spencer, through the researches of Breuer and Freud, a long trail of found facts led to a point where a single discovery could crystallize the entire field of the mind into one unified, workable whole.

     With the enormous background of what may be fifty thousand years of thinking, the discovery of the actual nature of the “unconscious” mind delivered up what has proven to be an exact science for the use of mankind and the solution of various difficulties which assail individuals.

     The human mind was found to be composed of two distinct levels of ability. The “conscious” mind was discovered to be an errorless computer, inherently capable of invariably producing correct solutions insofar as its data went. However, below this “perfect” mind another mind was found. Long suspected, the sub-mind had yet never been scientifically identified nor its exact workings understood.