By simple we do not mean easy. It requires work, thought and observation. Dianetics therapy follows the natural laws of all learning processes, since Dianetics is a learning process.

     Any two people of reasonable intelligence may work together. It cannot be done alone. Basically the technique operates as follows: the patient is asked to close his eyes and return to different experiences along his time track (the time span of the individual from conception to present time on which lies the sequence of events of his life) and to report his observations.

     His statements of what is happening are the clues to keying in the exact incident and the replaying of all conditions existing in the incident, which if aberrative, are keeping the person or a substantial part of his personality locked up in the past. After the replaying of all the conditions recorded (on a cellular level) the pain (tension, anxiety, etc.) becomes deintensified and the incident becomes part of the conscious experience bank of the individual, thus permitting him the use of more of himself.

     This process is continued up and down the time track until all aberrative or painful incidents are deintensified. It is not necessary to cover every phase of one’s existence since it has been discovered that many incidents are locked together. When a basic incident is contacted and deintensified the rest of the chain disintegrates.

     Treatment of severe psychosomatic illnesses, psychoses and extreme neurosis are handled by professional therapists who may be M.D.’s, psychiatrists and so forth, who have been specially trained to handle any emergency that may arise.

     In summation, we may state that Dianetics in addition to being a mental science for the abnormal is primarily a mental science of the normal.