1405 North Central
    Phoenix, Arizona   
April 5, 1952        

     Don G. Purcell
     Wichita, Kansas

     ...You permitted salaries to be raised in January for all staff and clerks and in February abruptly and without warning to me or to anyone went into “voluntary bankruptcy.” The sole creditors this balked, by your own court record, were a Mrs. Campbell who was owed five thousand dollars and myself to whom you owed large sums in royalties, sums I earned by hard work. In court your attorney tried to claim the copyrights and all the rights of Dianetics. And by an inch you missed.

     Purcell, this is a standard oilman swindle whereby one acquires all the rights, through “voluntary bankruptcy” and thus squeezes out all other interests, to an oil well. It is a legal sort of fraud. Dianetics isn’t oil. And it isn’t a new way to pad up your already over swollen fortune. You lost on this swindle because too many people were too quick for you and your attorneys are too stupid.

     Having failed to grab Dianetics for your own profit by this swindle of “bankruptcy” (for how can an organization making 150,000 dollars gross a year go “bankrupt"?) you have now made a grab at all the Dianetics books. And you have lost there.

     Your attorney has been set busy collecting “scandal” and blackmail material by which you hope to deal. You are trying to put my aide in prison on a charge of removing tapes. You are a perjurer, Purcell, and you know it well....

     You want to know what’s wrong with America, Purcell? It’s people like you, snatching and gasping for profit and wrecking reputations and lives or anything to seize profit. To you profit is power. And you conceive that if you have enough profit you can then, as you have told me often, overthrow the government of the United States by force.

     You have promised to hurt me so badly I will never recover unless I put Dianetics solidly and forever into your hands. Before I would do that, Purcell, before I would betray my own people, my auditors, my own country, I would throw anything I know of Dianetics away.

     For we want people to be FREE. We want them sane. You wouldn’t understand that, Purcell. You wouldn’t want freedom where you couldn’t make or break lives with money.

     Tell the field all the lies about me you wish, Purcell. Send collectors of Internal Revenue and anyone else against me, Purcell. On this spot I stand. I told you a year ago that in April I would be here in the southwest, building the new community of Dianetics. I told you that if you would play straight you would be here as well. You’re not here, Purcell. Where are you?

     You have fooled only fools and you have bought only disgrace....

     I would not sully myself to sue you for your fortune. There are many things more important than money. But you wouldn’t understand them.


L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard