On May 10 I got a letter saying I better pay off some money to a fellow named Purcell in Wichita and I better pay it by the 13th. Well, I knowed I didn’t owe this here money but my house had been ransacked in Wichita and the paper saying I didn’t owe it got stolen and I knowed there was a note with my name on it I signed way back last fall.

     And I told my attorney and he said he’d do something about it but this firm that writ me the letter, name of Evans and Hull and things, said epistle being signed by a Boland, they’d already sued in Superior court and that’s bad for my repute and my business.

     And on May 16 this here Boland served a process on my attorney but I guess Boland needed processing, not me, because Boland, soon as he got through talking to my attorney, he called me up and he said now he had me and all this was criminal owing a note and things and I better get down to his office right away or something bad would happen so I went. And he said not to bring any attorney or nothing so I didn’t.

     And I got in there and this here Boland was in an office in the office of EVANS KITCHEL HULL and things, an attorney firm that ain’t so firm now, and this Boland he flashed a note on me and at long range it seemed it was my note. And this Boland didn’t have nobody with him but I had a couple friends with me so I’m glad because I got the witnesses in my favor because this Boland was pretty rough and he said he had some more suits and if I didn’t pay the note right then he’d sue and enjoin and ruin me and if I did pay he’d give me this here note he was waving around, and if I didn’t pay him there was plenty of criminal charges around and he’d get at least one of my associates put in the cooler.

     And I guess I got pretty rattled so I just up and give him a check and said it would be good on next Tuesday and he said OK and I gave him all I thought I would have in the bank by Tuesday the 20th and then about sixty cash and this here Boland he said “Now when I get the cash you can have this note” and he already had my check. But I had witnesses and I said he better give me the note.

     Well sir, this here Boland he looked pretty sick but I kept saying that he hadda give me the note and so he finally up and writ on it what I’d paid and he signed it. And he give it to me but he said he’d dismiss the suit and things agin me but not to go paradin’ around tellin’ people about it or showin’ the note around and I better burn it and then it couldn’t git away.