So I turn loose the corner of my four thousand dollar check which been holdin’ the corner of and I went out in the street where the light was better and I look at this here note and by DING it warn’t my signature.

     And I take this note and I look at it careful and by DING it ain’t the right date but later’n the right date and so I go look up one of these handwritin’ fellers that tells signatures and give it to him and I go to the phone and I try to call this here Boland but this here Boland he ain’t to be reached nowhere. And so I go down and I put a stop and halt in the name of the law and order on that there check I give because whar I come from passin’ off docyments that’s been enforgerated is forgery or grand forgery of the first degree or fraudulent practice and it’s frowned on.

     And it was all mighty surprising to me, this here Boland bein’ part like he was of the firm of EVANS HULL KITCHEL AND JENCKES and they havin’ accounts and bein’ the lawyers of THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD and a lot of companies I’m lookin’ up so I can mention them to show how surprised I was about the forgery.

     And the next mornin’ I go to the bank first thing just as soon as the doors git open and I got money on me, namely $880 dullars to deposit just to make purty sure there was all the money there needed to be in the bank when that there check was presented because I hear it’s illegal to not have the money to make up the check sum.

     But here was this Boland and I guess he come in the letter slot or through the cracks because he’s already chawin’ the eear of the bank manager about the check even though he’d promised me to wait ’til Tuesday. And this Boland he looks worried.

     And this here Boland sees me and he beelines over and he says pretty threatenin’ like that if I don’t take off that there stop order he’ll have me all ways for Sunday. And I say is he sure it was a good note and he says that don’t make any account, I better give him the money or he’ll put me in a lot of trouble like suin’ me for libel and even puttin’ one of my associates name of ELLIOTT in jail afore sundown for any kind of a charge such as GRAND LARCENY or anything. And I say ELLIOTT would have to be guilty of somethin’ afore you could arrest him and he ain’t guilty of nothin’ except the unwiseness of bein’ my associate when guys like Boland is loose. And this Boland he says he can do anything. He says Purcell says he owns the police of Wichita and Boland he controls the police of Phoenix and they can do anything and no court’s big enough to stop ’em. And I say I can’t believe it.