Well, sir, sure enough, this here ELLIOTT he’s in jail the very next evening just like Boland said. A call come through from Wichita to the Phoenix police and there’s been a warrant out for Elliott nobody knows anything about and here BANG it’s served just like Boland predicted. And Elliott he got to post bond and they tie up his car and I can’t figure it because they got Elliott charged for stealin’ property which I got in good American writin’ is entirely mine, but they say it ain’t mine now because Elliott stole it but Elliott, he couldn’t steal from me because he can have anything I got anyway.

     But come Monday, May 19, this here Boland has jumped into court with this stop-payment check even though he’s wised up that I don’t like his passin’ off a forgery on me for good American money AND a check, and Elliott, he got fingerprinted but later we got somebody in Wichita to investigate and by golly the Phoenix police had to give back Elliott’s bond and his car and his fingerprints and everything, so Elliott got out of it. But this here Boland, he jumps around and phones me that this ain’t all. He says he’ll sue me for everything he can think up because this here firm EVANS, HULL KITCHEL AND JENCKES that is retained by so many big companies like THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD and the rest, I’m getting a list complete so I’ll know and can be impressed better, this Boland says they own the cops and the sheriff and I better come through with cash or they’ll arrest me next on anything they can think up.

     And they start orderin’ my attorney around and they are pretty wild. And all this is very confusin’ to me because seems like to me this Boland and EVANS, etc. that is hired by so many big firms like THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, can’t be the law in Arizona even so. And it seems like when people pass off forged notes and threaten and take money for false documents and put people in fear and use threat and duress to collect civil bills and arrest people so they can be let off for a price and sue a lot of suits that ain’t so just to spoil somebody’s business and collect a note that wasn’t really owed, why, it seems like there’s SOME provision in this here law book that says it ain’t quite legal – that it’s at least a misdemeanor or something you take to the CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION or congress or somewhere. And even if like they say they own all the law in Arizona, seems like somebody ought to put a mortgage on some of it.

     And thinkin’ it over real close, bein’ pretty dumb legal wise, looks like this Boland and this Evans, etc. that owns the SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD or at least retains it, why, it seems like they ought to at least get a traffic ticket for blockin’ the road.

     What do you think, judge?