I’ve never looked to quarrel with anybody. I was forced to fight to defend my discoveries. The psychiatric establishment had goals and ideologies that were at odds with my purpose to make man’s lot better. That psychiatry is now a dying subject, that public discontent with it is rife, was not through any desire of mine to wreak vengeance, but a natural consequence of their rotting foundations. I simply wanted to be left alone to continue my work in peace. I had so much to do in so little time.

     It is a virtually unheard of feat that a book twenty-five years after its publication should continue to be met with such increasing public demand. It surprises even me; however, the individual of today’s society is demanding facts. He wants understanding. He wants truth, and he wants a technology that works. His politicians and governments say they are busily handling crime and terrorist activity, drug abuse and insanity. But a look at the statistics of these things, shows that the symptoms of social decay and disaster are virtually out of control.

     The failure lies in attempting to handle the symptoms without seeking or addressing the cause.

     Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health reveals the origins of these social ills. And the practical, workable, easily taught technology to bring society out of its fever.

     I undertook the research of Dianetics as an exploration into an unknown field. I came upon such breakthroughs concerning the mind that I made them available to mankind. The knocks for me personally have been nothing compared to the joys of seeing people happier, healthier and more peaceful, with an honest understanding of themselves and their fellows. This is the mission of Dianetics and Scientology.

     The future looks very bright indeed. . . .

     Dianetics is an adventure.

     I’m sure you’ll find it all I’ve promised it to be.

L. Ron Hubbard